Team Rubicon & Team RWB Join Forces

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Team Rubicon and Team RWB are joining forces to harness the power of veterans and support successful military to civilian transition. Run as One on May 18th.


Why We Do What We Do

Our organizations understand the challenges associated with returning home from war.  Combat affects every veteran.  While some wounds are visible, many are not.  Guilt, survivor’s remorse, post-traumatic stress, and anxiety are all too common among those who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.  We acknowledge and accept these challenges.

We Are Doing Something About It

Our teams are a collection of Doers.  We have built programs that allow veterans to proactively combat their challenges with a heavy dose of purpose, camaraderie, and accomplishment.  Veterans are an incredibly strong population and when connected to their community will do amazing things.  The solution is within all of us.

Here is How it Works

Are you a Team Rubicon veteran that loves the way you feel while you’re out on a mission?  Would you like to carry that sense of accomplishment and community home with you?  You can join Team RWB to stay connected, strong, focused, and ready for the next disaster.  Let running, triathlon, or CrossFit be your daily mission.  Join the Team and be a leader at home.  Join Team RWB.

Are you a Team RWB veteran that wants to deliver the passion and leadership that you display in your local community around the country and the world?  Join Team Rubicon and volunteer for incredible opportunities to respond to natural and manmade disasters.  We need your unique skills, energy, and commitment to mission.  Step up and continue serving.  Join Team Rubicon.

Mark your calendars for Run as One on May 18th

In honor of Marine veteran Clay Hunt – an original member of Team Rubicon – who lost his battle with PTSD and depression, Team Rubicon and Team RWB will launch their partnership and Run as One on May 18th. The event takes place on Armed Forces Day, a day that celebrates collaboration between the services.  Together, our organizations will provide veterans a full spectrum of opportunities to feel the camaraderie, purpose, and pride that they left in the military.

If you are a veteran, sign up today! Make a commitment to each other, your community, and yourself.

Join us on May 18th!