Team RWB Gears Up for the Third Annual 1776 Challenge

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Team Red, White & Blue (Team RWB) is hosting its third annual 1776 Challenge, presented by TrueCar. The epic 18-day physical challenge, taking place June 17 – July 4, will showcase commitment to the men and women who served our country in support of our nation’s progress toward a more perfect union.

1776 Challenge participants will complete 76 -100 repetitions of prescribed exercises each day, virtually or with their local Team RWB chapters, family, and friends. Demonstrative videos hosted by Team RWB’s corporate partners will be provided to registered participants through email and the Team RWB App. Each demonstration includes modifications and seated options for participants of all abilities. 

“The 1776 Challenge is an opportunity for veterans and supporters alike to support those who served our nation through functional fitness,” said Mike Erwin, Executive Director of Team RWB. “We’re thrilled and thankful for our partners supporting the initiative this year.”

To join the challenge, veterans and civilians are invited to register at Participants who complete each challenge and check-in through the app every day will be entered to earn a free 1776 Challenge patch. Random prize drawings will be offered by Team RWB’s partners for participants who check-in.

Challenge List:

June 17: 100 lunges or seated leg extensions presented by TrueCar

June 17 Video Demo

June 17 Check-in

June 18: 100 straight or seated leg raises sponsored Fox Nation

June 18 Video Demo

June 18 Check-in

June 19: 100 tricep dips or seated tricep kickbacks sponsored by TRX 

June 19 Video Demo

June 19 Check-in

June 20: 100 air squats or seated knee raises sponsored by UPGRAID

June 20 Video Demo

June 20 Check-in

June 21: 100 second plank or seated side bends sponsored by MKS2

June 21 Video Demo

June 21 Check-in

June 22: 100 jumping or seated jacks sponsored by AAFMAA

June 22 Video Demo

June 22 Check-in

June 23: 100 ankle taps or seated knee-to-elbow sponsored by Peraton

June 23 Video Demo

June 23 Check-in

June 24: 100 push ups or seated chest presses sponsored by Bravo Sierra 

June 24 Video Demo

June 24 Check-in

June 25: 1.00 mile run/walk/ruck or 20 minute cycle/row sponsored by Amazon Military

June 25 Video Demo

June 25 Check-in

June 26: 100 bicycle crunches or seated torso twists sponsored by D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc.

June 26 Video Demo

June 26 Check-in

June 27: 100 meter yard bear crawl or seated cross crawls sponsored by KillCliff

June 27 Video Demo

June 27 Check-in

June 28: 100 standard or seated mountain climbers sponsored by DEFY

June 28 Video Demo

June 28 Check-in

June 29: 100 standing or seated calf raises powered by Wounded Warrior Project

June 29 Video Demo

June 29 Check-in

June 30: 100 standing or seated push presses sponsored by Again Faster in partnership with Team RWB’s EagleElite

June 30 Video Demo

June 30 Check-in

July 1: 100 standard or seated flutter kicks sponsored by Bravo Sierra

July 1 Video Demo

July 1 Check-in

July 2: 100-second wall-sit or 100 seated hip hinges sponsored by Athletic Brewing

July 2 Video Demo

July 2 Check-in

July 3: 100 standard or seated crunches sponsored by Humana Military

July 3 Video Demo

July 3 Check-in

July 4: 76 standard or seated burpees presented by TrueCar

July 4 Video Demo

July 4 Check-in


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