Team RWB Revamps Virtual March Madness Challenge

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March Madness: A Brief Intro!

We’re not letting the cancellation of the NCAA Tournament stop March Madness. For the first time in our 10 year history, we’re hosting a nation-wide Team RWB throw down. Your state’s bragging rights and Team RWB swag are on the line. Now is the time to recruit, rally, and rise to the challenge. Don’t forget to download your very own team social media graphic to share with the world using #RWBMarchMadness.




  • Teams: Each member of Team RWB will be assigned to their state team based on their mailing address, not based on their chapter affiliation. International addresses will be combined into one team.
  • Seeding: Teams have been seeded and assigned to the bracket based on their YTD engagement for the members that reside in a state. 
  • Scoring: Teams will be scored based on the percentage of their members that participate in the assigned workout for each round.  The team with the highest score moves on. Our bracket will update with results as we go!
  • Down but not out. Even if your team is eliminated, stay fit with us by continuing to complete the workouts and cheering on your fellow Eagles. Check-in to be entered into a drawing for Team RWB swag after each round. Unlike a traditional March Madness pool, your bracket might get busted but you are not. For those who stay in the fight till the end, complete all of their reps, and check-in for each day of the challenge, a grand prize winner will be selected.


We might be isolating, but we’re not alone. All of these workouts were designed to be completed at home without equipment and with the full fire of Eagle Nation at your six. Get your whole family involved to increase the fun factor and modify/substitute any movements as needed to accommodate for injury. 

  • Round 1: Monday March 23rd
    Run/walk/ruck 2 miles. If you can’t go outside: 5,000 steps inside in a single, continuous effort.


  • Round 2: Wednesday, March 25th
    Complete the following workout in honor of the 3,508 Medal of Honor Recipients being honored on National Medal of Honor Day.
    Two rounds of 35 reps of each exercise, and two rounds of 8 reps of each exercise. Modify or substitute as needed.
    Air Squats
    Mountain Climbers (L + R = 1)


Remember: If your team had been eliminated you’re still eligible for individual prizes and benefit from a great workout. So get out there and get after it.

  • Round 3 (SWEET 16): Friday, March 27
    Show us how bad you want to make it to the Elite 8 round by completing 8 minutes of plank and 8 minutes of wall-sits throughout the day. Challenge yourself to complete the 8 minutes in the fewest number of attempts as possible.


  • Round 4 (ELITE 8): Sunday, March 29
    A challenge worthy of our sweat for round 4. Remaining teams should complete the Vietnam Veterans Day Challenge WOD to honor our Vietnam Veterans.


  • Round 5 (FINAL FOUR): Wednesday, April 1
    Only four remain. The stakes are high and the workouts are getting tougher. Complete the Team RWB Staff Challenge workout and check-in to “score.” Who will make it through to the championship round?
    Give it all you’ve got for 20 minutes, modify as needed, and see how many rounds you can complete.
    As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) – 20 Minutes
    400 m run
    30 squats
    15 push-ups
    30 walking lunges
    15 butterfly sit-ups


  • CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND: Saturday, April 4
    The last two teams standing face-off for the March Madness Championship workout – to be revealed. Remember: Even if your team was eliminated, you’re still in it to win it. Improved health, well-being, and Eagle Swag are up for grabs the more you workout and check-in.


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