Team RWB Launches Virtual Quarantine Crusher Challenge

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Feeling a little overwhelmed? Yeah, us too. If you’re in need of a supportive community and a way to clear your mind, Eagle Nation is here for you. Now through May 15, get moving, inspire others, and stay connected during social distancing with Eagle Nation by your side as part of Team RWB’s Quarantine Crusher Challenge. 

Why should you participate?

In the words of Team RWB’s Executive Director Mike Erwin, “We’re facing a virus today, but in the fall there may be a different challenge in front of us. Life is unpredictable and adversity is certain. Team RWB knows that every veteran has persevered through numerous physical and mental challenges while serving the nation – they are Born For the Storm.” 

We hope that this challenge will remind veterans and all members of Eagle Nation that they have the character to weather whatever storms they may be facing as part of these unprecedented times.

How to participate?

Join in every day by logging into the Team RWB App and checking in to the daily Quarantine Crusher Challenge. Click here for a video on how to find virtual challenges within the Team RWB App.

You choose how to complete the daily challenge. You can focus on your physical health with workout guides and live fitness classes, mental health with daily meditation events, and emotional health with buddy checks and more to help you stay connected to your friends in Eagle Nation. Click the move, connect, and inspire buttons below for some ideas to get you started. 

If you’re a registered Team RWB member, you’ll receive weekly inspiration in your email inbox from amazing speakers who have triumphed and overcome through even the most difficult times including professional athletes Zach and Nicole Bitters, retired Army Officer and astronaut Robert Kimbrough, and author of ‘Stillness is the Key’ Ryan Holiday.

Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. Our goal is to come out of this better than when we started, together. You might be isolated, but you’re not alone.