Update from Kilimanjaro

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A phone call update…actually several phone calls as they kept dropping. When the phone rang, Christel looked at the incoming call and thought, this could be it… and it was!! She got about three sentences in, and then they were gone again. Talking very quickly the third time, Brian said they were all doing well.

After Christel told them that they were halfway through their fundraising goal, Brian was choking up. They are so deeply touched, humbled and appreciative of everyone’s support and generosity. They really have the troops on their minds on their last day to the summit.

Currently, the Gallagher’s are settled at Barafu Camp where it has been raining most of the day. Christen said she can see the peak behind them and a blue sky in the distance. Here they will quickly sleep before they wake up tonight to make their summit attempt. Brendan talked about the stars being so amazing and plentiful– the most he’d seen since he had been fishing in Northern Minnesota, and at least double that.

It’s getting colder and colder. After one night of not closing their tent correctly, it’s getting more important than ever that they stay warm. Around midnight they will get up and begin their 7-8 hour hike to Uhuru Peak at 19,341 ft, the highest summit on Kibo’s crater rim.

As they finish the last portion of their climb, they are reminded of the tremendous support friends and family are providing them, yet heavy thoughts remain on their minds. Yesterday, Sue Watts, Sam’s mother and Kim Lallier, Jerrod’s mother, both received packages in the mail that they had sent to their sons before their passing.

With the Gallagher family carrying their pictures to the top of Kilimanjaro, they hope these families can take some comfort that their sons, and Ben Neal, are not forgotten.

Tonight, we will be thinking of the Gallagher’s as well, as they finish this heartfelt journey in support of Team Red White and Blue.