Use the Team RWB App to Stay Connected this Holiday Season

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The holidays are often associated with snow, presents, sweets, and family. But, the holiday season can be a difficult time for many people. In the midst of a pandemic, when travel is limited and group gatherings are discouraged, this holiday season may feel even more isolating. 

When veterans and civilians join Team RWB, they become part of Eagle Nation, which means that Team RWB Eagles are never really alone. Here are six ways to stay connected during the holidays using the Team RWB App:


1. Workout with fellow Eagles virtually. Virtual yoga practices and workouts are available in the app almost every day. If your schedule allows, try to attend a live event this holiday season with Team RWB. Even though you might not be in the same location, it will feel great to work out “with” other Team RWB members. If you can’t attend a live event – we have dozens of recorded workouts and practices that you can follow from home and still feel connected! 


2. Participate in a challenge. The Team RWB App is full of virtual workouts and challenges. On December 14, we’re kicking off 12 Days of Holiday Cheer. Complete a holiday movie themed workout and check in each day for a chance to win daily prizes, and connect with other Eagles! A friendly competition is always a great way to stay motivated and engaged. 


3. Follow other Eagles. Whether you know them or not, find other members and follow them in the app. You may find that many other Eagles have common interests with you. 


4. Post in the Team RWB App or in your chapter Facebook group. Let everyone know which events you are participating in and how you are doing! If other Eagles are expecting you to attend a virtual event, you are more likely to stick to it. 


5. Comment on other posts. Cheer on other Eagles when they post in the feed. Let them know that you are rooting for them! Making them feel good about their accomplishments will in turn make you feel good for lifting someone up!


6. Remember that you are not alone. As veterans, military family members, and supporters, we are one team. Team RWB is committed to supporting it’s members, and forging America’s leading veteran health and wellness community. Eagle Nation is here for you!  


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