Useful Yoga Equipment

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Take Flight 2021, presented by PayPal, is in full swing! If you have joined the Yoga Track, sponsored by TrueCar, you may be wondering if some equipment would be helpful. When starting out with yoga, all you truly need is the #EagleFire you already have in you. Yoga is simply the awareness of the mind, body, breath, and intention, so by tuning in to where your thoughts drift, deepening the breath, and noticing how you’re feeling, that is yoga.

However, there are a few pieces of equipment that might help you level up, but you don’t need anything fancy to start tuning in to your body and breath.

A few things that might help your practice:

●  Yoga mat:​ A thicker mat will give you more cushion, which can be nice on the joints if you’re practicing on a hard floor. You do want stability as well, so thick pilates-type mats might not be as suitable. Mats often have a “break-in” period where they’re more slippery, so using your mat and wiping it down often can help if slipping around is an issue.

●  Blocks:​ A block or two are helpful because they can assist in bringing the floor closer in some poses, or provide support in others. It is not necessary to begin a practice, but blocks can help make a practice more accessible for where your body is at that day. A water bottle or stack of books will also work..

●  Strap: Also helpful for modifying your practice to help lengthen the feet or arms (it helps you reach further), a yoga strap looks just like a flexible belt, which works just as well.

●  Bolsters or Cushions: Usually used in restorative yoga, bolsters or cushions can help get the body comfortable in poses held for a long time. Any pillows or cushions will work too.

Starting a yoga routine is simple. You don’t need a special room with soft music and candles. All you need enough room to move on your mat and breathe. 


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