Virtual Events

Join the team and tackle challenges and workouts with Eagles across the country on your schedule, where you’re at!


Team RWB Virtual Challenges are one-day or multi-day opportunities for you to push yourself and test your limits while experiencing the camaraderie of having teammates across the country by your side.


Wear The Eagle Workouts, supported by volunteer Sports Ambassadors, are offered through the Team RWB App on a daily basis. Workouts, both live-streamed and on-demand, are themed around running, rucking, triathlon, cycling, yoga, and functional fitness, offering members a way to structure consistent physical activity and prioritize wellness alongside Eagle Nation. Our sport community Facebook groups offer a place for inspiration, information, and connection related to each sport.


Cycling Community

Led by Christopher, an Air Force veteran, resident of New York City, and cycling enthusiast is excited to offer an inclusive and encouraging community for individuals interested in the joy of cycling. Click here to join the Team RWB Cycling Facebook Group.

“Participating in the bicycling world can lead you on epic adventures, even just on a short ride. Once you realize the new perspective of seeing the world via a bike, you will never look at things the same!”

Triathlon Community

Led by Gloria, an Air Force veteran and triathlete from Fort Walton Beach, Team RWB’s Triathlon Community motivates and inspires others to enjoy life and tackle new challenges. Click here to join the Team RWB Triathlon Group.

“I love “TRYING” and even though I am not the fastest, strongest or fittest I will continue to challenge my limits NOT limit myself because of a challenge.”

Rucking Community

Led by Matt, an Air Force veteran in Wichita, Team RWB’s rucking community supports a growing group of Eagles reach their rucking goals. Click here to join the Team RWB Rucking Group.

“What keeps me going is I have found that helping others really helps me. Eagle Fire is contagious, I crave it & with it anything is possible.  Rucking to me is the best of both worlds & combines two parts of our mission into one activity because it’s both physical and social at the same time. Rucking is easy to do, just join Team RWB find a rucking event & Ruck Up!”

Yoga Community

Led by Kristi, an Air Force veteran and spouse living in Colorado, Team RWB’s Yoga Community encourages Team RWB Eagles to move, balance, stretch, and breathe on and off the mat. Click here to join the Team RWB Yoga group.
“Yoga improves every aspect of life, and can be practiced any time and anywhere!  Even 2 minutes of mindful focused breathing has tons of benefits. Yoga isn’t just for the flexible. No matter your fitness level or goals, yoga can help improve focus and peace, and increase your physical and mental health!”

Functional Fitness Community

Led by Cindy, an Army veteran and Fort Benning chapter member, Team RWB’s Functional Fitness Community encourages Team RWB Eagles to share their successes and challenges. Click here to join the Team RWB Functional Fitness Group.

“Functional Fitness is for everyone. It’s not just CrossFit. It’s about moving better and longer pain-free. It is the thing that helps us do all the other things we love, like running, rucking, cycling and swimming. It assists with our daily activities like sitting, reaching, bending and carrying.”

Running Community

Led by Lexie, an Army veteran and Asheville NC Eagle.The Team RWB Running Community, helps inspire and challenge community members through running. Click here to join the Team RWB Running Facebook Group.

“I am a seasoned ultra runner and a seasoned Team RWB leader. I have volunteered for Team RWB since the #WeDontJustRun campaign. Honestly, sometimes we do just run. It is very freeing to put on a pair of running shoes and just run. With others or alone, going for a run truly is the best medicine!”