Walk across Lake Winnebago goes off without a hitch

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CALUMET COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) — After spending most of the week cooped up inside hiding from the polar vortex, hundreds of people got outside on Saturday for the annual walk across Lake Winnebago.

People gathered up their gear to make the nearly 10 mile trek.

“We wanted to make sure we had old glory with us you know, bring the flag along everywhere we go and you know, we have some refreshments and some sandwiches and whatnot,” said Greg Mcfadin, Captain of the Green Bay and Fox Valley chapter of Red White and Blue (RWB).

It’s the team’s first time doing the walk together.

“What we do is bring veterans and civilians together to do physical and social activity so this is just another way for us all to get together and have a good time,” said McFadin.

Organizers were worried the event wouldn’t go on because of the warm temperatures, but after this week’s polar vortex there’s between 15 and 22 inches of ice on the lake.

“We didn’t know up until yesterday if it was even going to be happening. So, we’ve been on the edge of our seats the last couple weeks wondering if the lake would even freeze over. In a way the polar vortex really helped us out this week and today, it seems beautiful,” said Julie Graven who did the walk.

With the warmer air moving in, walkers appeared to disappear into the mist.

This year’s walk raised money for the Neenah Police Department K9 Unit and Neenah-Menasha Water Rescue; organizations walkers were happy to support.

“As a boater, that’s a cause that’s really close to my heart because if something bad happens, those are the guys that are going to come and help you on the lake,” said Graven.

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