What’s all this Rucking About?

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Perhaps you’ve noticed Eagles showing up at the Alexandria Tuesday run, driven and determined to take on some miles. There’s just one difference – they aren’t there to run. They are there to Ruck!

Well, what is Rucking? According to Team RWB’s partner GORUCK, it’s “carrying a weighted pack on your back. It implies action, energy, and purpose.” Rucking got its roots with Army Green Beret training; a sport that builds strength, endurance, and character.

Sound familiar? Maybe because our own Eagle Ethos is rooted in that same passion and character.

This year, I found myself wondering about this rucking movement when I witnessed Vic Wise on his fifth iteration of the Freedom Ruck.  Started as a way of expressing his personal gratitude towards veterans and a means to inspire patriotism, Vic trekked 100 miles at the beginning of January from the Richmond War Memorial to Arlington National Cemetery with a ruck on his back and the American Flag on his shoulder. The inspirational part? He didn’t ruck it alone.

Eagles from the Fredericksburg and Washington D.C. Chapters answered the call to join this incredible mission, despite the freezing temperatures, in what has now become an annual tradition. Fellow Eagle Larry Gonzalez reflects that the most important reason he joins the Freedom Ruck is the selfless service and raising awareness for the Navy Seal Foundation.  

“The understanding that Vic doesn’t do this for himself, but for others inspires me to get out there with him and the Freedom Ruck Team and join his journey. Passion, people, commitment, positivity, camaraderie, and community are instilled into this mission and this is why I stand by the operation of Freedom Ruck year after year.”

This passion for rucking makes it more than just training, it makes it about community. For Eagle Liz Fields, this is one of the driving forces behind training for the Bataan Memorial Death March.

“I did Bataan when I was stationed at Fort Drum with 10th MTN…I loved the camaraderie and meeting new people as I marched… this is something I can do to remember those who were part of the actual Bataan and personally, I want to see if I can push my limits and try to place.”

So now, when I ask “What is Rucking?” I know for these Eagles it’s where passion + purpose = community!

Interested in getting your Ruck on? Find a buddy, pick up a pack, and give a try at one of our the DC Chapter’s recurring weekly events. Want to take it even further? Sign up for one of the multiple events where you too can compete while rucking! Team RWB’s charity partner, American Odyssey Relay, recently announced a “Rucker” option to their annual race event in the DC area this April 2018. Check out the links below to learn more!

Bataan Memorial Death March (race):

http://bataanmarch.com/ and https://www.teamrwb.org/event/bataan-death-march/

American Odyssey Relay (race):


GORUCK (gear):