WOD for Warriors – 2018 Wrap-Up

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Thank you for making WOD for Warriors 2018 such a success! Host Gyms and Participants from all across the U.S.A., and the globe, came together on Veterans Day to train fiercely together, challenge each other, conquer an 11-minute AMRAP, and showcase Team Red, White & Blue to veterans in their communities. In total, 225 Host Gyms, from as far away as Afghanistan and Japan to your very own backyard Box, rallied together to complete 482,677 total repetitions! 1,850 total participants, including 600 veterans, registered to take on power cleans, burpees, deadlifts, and pull-ups! Your passion, enthusiasm, and donations surpassed the totals of previous years and brought in just over $60,000!

Most Reps: 25,971 w/ 93 participants. Monkey Bar Gym Milwaukee
Most Veterans: 56 of 71 participants were veterans. CrossFit Ergon RWB
Most Likes/Loves on Social: 280 Engagements. Stay Ready CrossFit
Total Amount Raised: $60,259.20
Host Gyms: 225
Registered Participants: 1,850

YOU made this happen and we cannot thank you enough! To put this in perspective, your donations could fund 3 Eagle Leadership Experiences, a three-day intense Eagle learning and growth experience for 25 Eagles Leaders, or fulfill the activation budgets for 12 Team RWB Chapters for an entire year! All of the funds will go directly to Team RWB’s Programs, to help us engage more veterans. WOD for Warriors will be back again in November 2019! Be on the lookout for information on next year as we continue to push ourselves to overcome the seemingly impossible, forge new relationships, and form an affiliation that makes life not just worth living, but brings meaning and value to it.

Team RWB will continue to insist that all veterans have the opportunity to reclaim what was most precious about their military service: an unwavering sense of belonging, born of challenges that show us what each of us is capable of.

Together we can find all that we seek.