Zack Armstrong | Director of Programs

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Team Red, White and Blue is excited to name Zack Armstrong our first Director of Programs! Zack’s primary responsibility is to ensure world class delivery of our core, complimentary programs (Chapter & Community Program and Eagle Leadership Development Program) in a manner that is highly effective in accomplishing our mission. Zack was the third member of our staff and brings nearly 5 years of experience as Team RWB’s Midwest Regional Director. During that time, he’s proven himself an adept and effective leader, passionate about our mission and dedicated to serving Eagle Nation. Under Zack’s direction, we look forward to advancing our programmatic outputs and furthering our mission of enriching veterans’ lives.

As of February 1st, I’m proud to take the lead as Team Red, White & Blue’s first Director of Programs with the goal of our Team engaging with more veterans than we ever have before – both existing and new members.

My family was one of the first to receive the benefit of Team RWB programs and we continue to engage and use the word “family” when describing Eagle Nation and the Eagles that fill our life with passion, camaraderie, and community.

As the first Regional Director for Team RWB, I’ve had the privilege for nearly five years to lead hundreds of committed Eagle Leaders across forty-four locations in the Midwest. I’ve witnessed first-hand the impact veterans have when they are provided a positive and engaging platform to inspire and share health, people, and purpose within their community.

Under my direction, we’ll continue to invest in our nearly 2000 Eagle Leaders building on the Eagle Leadership Development Program foundation that Joe Quinn and Eagle Nation has championed. I’m excited to drive a renewed focus to our Chapter & Community Program and share with the world what Team RWB members know to be true – veterans are leaders and our communities are stronger with them leading the way.

My Team RWB journey has been filled with life-changing firsts and genuine relationships with veterans who prove everyday that they are the first to take action, serve others in their community, and inspire all of us to be better Americans. I’m excited for this next step on that journey…and to continue serving Eagle Nation and sharing this life-enriching Team with each of you.