Research shows that taking 5,650 steps a day can contribute to positive overall health and wellbeing. Whether you find yourself stagnant or love a challenge, Marching Orders is for you.


Walk, run, hike, ruck, or move – take your pick and commit to your 8-day goal at the Red, White or Blue level.


Culminating on May 15, Armed Forces Day, gather with veterans, service members, family, and friends to crush your final daily goal and celebrate the accomplishment of completing your Marching Orders.

Goal levels: 

Daily Step Goal: 2,500 | Adaptive Goal: 30 min movement/day

Daily Step Goal: 5,650 | Adaptive Goal: 60 min movement/day

Daily Step Goal: 10,000 | Adaptive Goal: 90 min movement/day

Register today and commit to your daily steps or movement.