Jeff Galloway is a former Olympian turned running coach, and has touched over a million runners in his career through his books, running schools, training programs and coaching.

He’s done all sorts of amazing things in his life, to include some of the below:
• 1972 US Olympian in the 10,000 meters
• Serving in the U.S. Navy
• Training with Steve Prefontaine
• Writing North America’s best-selling running book
• Writing a column for Runner’s World Magazine
• Founder of the Run Walk Run method
• Started the first ever running specialty store in North America

Jeff’s a legend in the running world, and we have a great discussion that ranges from a drive across America in an old Volvo that changed the direction of his life, to the mental/physical connection in running.


Jessica Jones Meyers is combat veteran, professional triathlete, and most impressively, mother of twins. She has been a Team RWB leader and ambassador from our earliest days.

In this inspirational and sometimes raw conversation, we discuss:
• Adjusting to life after deployment
• The not-so-glamorous life of professional triathletes
• Overcoming our own expectations and ego
• Raising great kids as a divorced parent
• Being an original Team RWB member
• Deciding to go for it, and chase your dreams

Sadly, at least for our triathletes, we don’t get into swimming technique or how to improve your transition times. However, I think that everyone will benefit greatly from spending some time with Jessica. We can’t thank her enough for her courage and honesty in this really powerful podcast.


Bill Rausch is a former Army Officer, he’s spent time on the hill advocating for Veteran’s issues in DC, he was a consultant, he’s a husband and father, and he’s a local volunteer leader for Team Red, White, and Blue – in addition to being the Executive Director for Got Your 6. Got Your 6 is doing really important work bridging the civilian-military divide, and it’s a great organization.

He’s as well connected a person in D.C. as anyone as it relates to Veterans’ issues, and you’ve likely seen him on C-Span providing analysis on various Veteran related topics as well.

Bill and I have a varied and wide-ranging conversation, covering:
● Leadership
● Community
● Growing up in the rural Midwest
● Veterans involved in the civic process
● And finally, Michigan-Ohio State Football

Bill’s a great American, and a good friend – I’m proud to spend some time with him picking his brain on this episode! We had a few small technical difficulties with the microphone, so apologies if there is any noticeable static; however, Bill is so engaging, you won’t even realize it’s there!


This week, we introduce J.J. Pinter, Team RWB’s Deputy Director. In addition to being a great guy and an incredible leader, J.J. will be sharing hosting duties on the Eagle Nation Podcast.

We have a wide-ranging conversation that covers:
• Where Team RWB is headed
• The “Sea of Goodwill”
• Finding work/life/personal balance
• Our favorite books and podcasts for life-long learning
• Taking a leap and pursuing your passion

We’re lucky to have J.J. as co-host of the Eagle Nation Podcast and look forward to his interviews with some amazing guests. Please join us in welcoming him to the microphone!


Lisa Jaster is most often recognized as one of three women to graduate the US Army’s Ranger School. In this honest and inspiring discussion, we learn that she is so much more. Lisa is a West Point graduate and a Veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan. She’s also a wife to a Recon Marine and a mother to two beautiful children…and a member of Team RWB’s Houston Chapter.

We cover a number of interesting topics including:
• Her motivation for going after Ranger School.
• The importance of having strong family support.
• Dealing with doubters and detractors.
• Coming back to the real world.
• Moving past broad generalizations.
• Our need for community and organizations like Team RWB.
• Even CrossFit, Ju-Jitsu, and Triathlon.

We want to thank Lisa for taking the time to share her story with us. We know that she doesn’t do many interviews and we’re very lucky to have her as part of our community. She offers a ton of wisdom and motivation for all of us. Please enjoy this episode and share it with your friends.